Inclusion Through
Investing Day

On 12 May 2022, we're gathering to celebrate the venture investors and investment initiatives that make Europe a better place for women.

Why gather?

Venture capital investing creates the future, yet more than 85% of VC decision maker are male and most women-led companies receive less investment than their male counterparts (per BCVA)

Gather to celebrate the changemakers who are making the world a more inclusive place. Strengthen teams, increase returns and help more people buy into tomorrow

Goals for the day

Celebrate the investors, journalists and allies who make investing a more inclusive way to change the world

Raise support and awareness for the investment projects that are doing the most to empower women across Europe

What to expect

8 March 2022 International Women's Day (evening)

150 attendees including LPs, VC investors, and entrepreneurial activists in the investment community

Award ceremony for VCs, LPs, journalists, corporations and ecosystem enablers

Meet the Organizers

Full Potential enriches Europe's VC ecosystem by funding and incubating exceptional women solo-GPs. We support rising stars whose identities & investment perspectives lead them to attractive investment frontiers.

Time to Raise accelerates women led startups to investment. The 8 week program aims to maximize the likelihood of women raising venture capital. A program with 100% focus on fundraising.

Invenio is an advisor and venture builder that helps corporations and investors bring ventures to life. Since 2019, we've designed and built four ventures with a combined equity value approaching $1 billion.


Realtid, the gala's official media partner, is one of Sweden's leading financial market media platforms. Realtid targets finance professionals, fund managers and government decision makers in capital markets.

The Inclusivity Ecosystem

Initiatives we' re tracking

Launch with GS
She Loves Tech
The Case For Her
Women in Innovation
Accelerate Her
Women in Tech

VC's we' re tracking

Coyote Ventures
Voima Ventures
Nordic Impact Funds
Pink Salt Ventures

LP's we' re tracking

Isomer Capital
Stable Asset Management
European Investment Fund
Plexo Capital

4 Ways to Support

Whether you invest, create content, or are just a great connector, there's a way for you to support investing through inclusion.

Nominate someone from your network to receive one of our awards

Attend the gala or invite someone from your network to join

Sponsor a journalist, NGO, government
official or bootstrapped founder

Sponsor one of our awards or one of our
research reports

Awards Available for Sponsorship

Most committed
VC firm
Most committed
LP firm
Most committed corporation
Another award you nominate

You can also become a sponsor by co- authoring a report on this important subject.

Check out our current research in this summary deck.

To support the initiative or partner with us, get in touch.